Saturday, September 13, 2008

Britts pet monkey...

so... Time is flying fast...Summer is over, yet its still SO HOT in Texas... I cannot wait for the fall....Just to update on our life... Well I started school, and that is keeping me Oh so busy. 18hours ... and im actually enjoying every single one of my classes...which makes school easier to handle. As many of you know, Im also training for a Marathon...Nov. 16th....which seems like FOREVER away, being that ive already been training for 2 months now. Im running this marathon to raise money and awareness for Child Trafficking can check the website of the organization im running with ( Please be praying for my legs as they have NOT been to fond of me lately....:)....but i love running, and ive really enjoyed my runs recently... SEAN is currently in Australia. He has been gone for 3 weeks and it seems like FOREVER...God's grace has been so good and has helped both of us:)...He was able to visit our first long term team in Indonesia ( my sister Brittany) well as burning in Australia. He has had an AMAZING can see a few videos at ...he is always updating his videos...:)... wish i had more interesting news to blog about..but life is keeping us busy as always....PLEASE pray for Sean as he is making his way back to the states... I will be joining Sean in Seattle next weekend, so that will be ALOT of fun, and I will update pics asap! Thank you all for your really is amazing to know we have such amazing support!!!

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