Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Back to "normal" life... Im sorry that I have been the worst EVER at posting blogs...But i have been gone for 2 months...been ALL over...and Finally have a couple of minutes to write a quick blog. This summer has been truly amazing! I have been able to experience beauty in ways i didnt know existed....Finally got out of the country again...went to Israel ( the Call), Turkey, Nepal, and India. Nepal was amazing...we planted a burn as well as ministered to children that have been rescued out of prostitution...which many of you know is MY HEART.... I cant even begin to explain how amazing that was...... then for the rest of the summer...it was around the US...Sean went to all those places with me but he was in Israel 3 separate times as well as Indonesia! I was able to spend some REAL quality time at home with family...which was SO refreshing and much needed...as well as visiting beautiful places in the US i havent been..MAINE was absolutely gorgeous! EXACTLY what I needed... if you have never been there...GO! ...anyways ..im home now...i will be posting more regularly..giving updates on our random crazy life! PLEASE pray for Sean...he is in China right now...ALSO pray for me as I am training for my first FULL marathon ... we are RUNNING FOR THE SILENT!!! Raising awareness and money for Child Trafficking and sex exploitation....i am teaming up with an organization called For the Silent..www.forthesilent.org ...please pray with me...Im also raising $2000 to go to a rehabilitation home in Cambodia for these sweet children to be restored and given hope and a future...if you would like to donate money to this...please email me at katefeucht@gmail.com! Ill be posting soon with updates from sean! BLESS YOU!